Timberlea Roofing Services

The metal roofing services from Alberta’s Permanent Roofing are unrivalled in the Alberta metal roofing industry! With affordable, long-lasting, and precisely engineered metal roofing services for all kinds of home and commercial clients, our Timberlea metal roofing team has earned a reputation for providing Albertans with first-rate services. Our company has complete commercial metal roofing and home metal roofing services, including custom options, colours and styles to suit any property. Our team offers Fort McMurray roofing services tailored to your specific needs for homes and businesses in Timberlea, Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Bonnyville, Athabasca, and other communities across Alberta. Our Timberlea roofing experts help home and business owners face the unique challenges of the Alberta climate with a range of weather-tested commercial and residential roofing solutions. All of our metal roofing systems are:

  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Fire & lightning safe
  • Alberta-weather tested
  • Well-insulated for cold & hot weather
  • Water, rust & corrosion resistant
  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable & long-lasting

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Why a metal roof? Because metal roofing is simply a better value. Recently, metal roofing has become more and more popular with home and commercial property owners in Alberta as people learn more about the benefits of make this durable roofing solution. Metal roofing is a long-term investment in the future of any building. Alberta’s Permanent Roofing is proud to provide affordable, long-lasting, and precisely engineered Fort McMurray roofing services for commercial and residential clients in Timberlea, Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Bonnyville, Athabasca, and many other Alberta communities. Conventional roofing products deteriorate quickly, require constant maintenance, and are prone to damage. This is why our Timberlea roofing services only use superior metal roofing materials sourced from leading manufacturers. We guarantee all of our metal roofing products and services with a up to 40-year lifetime warranty—which is twice the lifespan of conventional roofing materials! Installing a professionally engineered metal roofing system adds significant value to your property while safeguarding your building for years to come. Contact our Timberlea roofing services team today for a free in-home or on-site consultation and estimate!

"We are building a new house in a small town in central Alberta and decided to go with a metal roof. We are on our third roof of asphalt shingles in 23 years in our current house, We also wanted a nice looking metal roof that would last a life time. Looking on the web and checking out the pictures we liked what Alberta Permanent Roofing offered. Jim came out with more samples and pictures and we decide to to go with him. The supplies showed up close to the begging of Feb but they promised it would be installed with in certain time line and they were out there at 30 below installing the roof. The new house is next to the one we live in so we watched them every day, they did a great job under hard conditions. The best part is the metal shingles roofing looks better than we hoped for. I will have pictures later when the snow is off the roof and the house is closer to finished. Thanks Jim, Tevor, and Chris."

-Gale Myers

Interesting facts about Timberlea, Alberta:

  • The oil industry is a major employer for Timberlea and the surrounding area.
  • Timberlea is a neighbourhood within Fort McMurray, alongside Beacon Hill, Eagle Ridge, Waterways, and others
  • The towns of Athabasca, Waterways, and Kinosis are near Timberlea.

Timberlea, Alberta neighbouring cities: